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Nerdbox Services


While its hosted under its a Pastebin.
Its hosted on * which is a FreeBSD server with GELI Full disk encryption, your pastie's are safe with us!


We love our IRC very much.
DevIRC (Perviously known as FailIRC, is around since ~ '07)
So should you.
Come visit us at

SFTP File Sharing

We and our friends love to share some files.
While you cannot access this services without being a close friend.
Its still worth showing this.

Web Control Panel

Our friends can access our Control panel trough this button.
We use Virtualmin which is Open source (GPL) and based on Webmin!


This will be build on our new machine.
Stay tuned!


While its not our project
We still feel the need to share this.
One of our friends created a IRCd in Python!


There will be a blog coming soon where changes and news will be logged.


Everybody needs to check his e-mail right?
So can you my friend.