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About Nerdbox Services

  1. Nerdbox - Its just a hobby, We are not a company and we only provide services that benefits the need of friends or myself.
  2. Background - Nerdbox started under a different name in '05 since that day we've grown a lot and are proud to be a private non-company (lol) secure hosting solution for fun!
  3. Related Services - While Nerdbox Services covers both * it also owns * and a few others which will be listed in the disclaimer.

So what makes Nerdbox so great?

We provide our friends with custom solutions while its just web hosting or serious application hosting or VPSes.
We do it all.

Custom hosting

While its just a hobby,
We take things serious.
We run our services on serious hardware with serious software and nice security solutions!

Hobby gonna serious

We offer serious security.
While others just offer nice SSL solution we take it to the next-level.
We have done our work from the ground and did things right!
We double checked the SSL Chipers being used and the SSL versions used.