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I always get this question: So how many Servers do you own?
And what do you do with them?

Its true;
I have to much Servers

Below is a list with some servers and what they do. (These are outdated)

Web Dedi

This is a Bare Metal Server hosted by Leaseweb it runs Ubuntu and has a Dual-Core CPU, 8GB RAM and a 1Gb/s uplink with 10TB traffic.
It hosts all of our Web, MySQL and mail stuff.


While Emma is a Bare Metal Server also hosted by Leaseweb it runs FreeBSD and has a Dual-Core CPU, 4GB RAM and a 100Mb/s uplink with 10TB traffic.
This server runs FreeBSD Jails with ZFS and Applications installed in them.
It hosts things like;
- Hastebin
- Part of DevIRC (IRCd)
- Backups
- And more.


This is just a waste of money to create a IRC hub which acts as a main IRC server where other IRC Servers are able to connect to.
It also hosts our IRC Services.
Emma will be the fail-over if this VPS fails to function.
It is also maintained by 2 members.


This is my Private Home Server.
Its hardware is rather old but awesome,
Its based up-on the HP ML110G5 has a Xeon Quad-Core with 4Gigs RAM and 10 HDDs installed inside a custom case.
It runs on FreeBSD with ZFS.
Its uses are file management since it lacks the power to become a VM Server.
Its total usable space is around ~ 26TBs.