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Some stuff regarding boring Policy(s).

No we're not a company.

Nerdbox is a private fun service, no company in anyway. (It may look like it but it isn't)

Nerdbox Policy

  1. Don't sue me! - We are not a company and we are located in The Netherlands, we maintain the Dutch Law regarding where our services or servers are hosted. Sine we are not a company we are not registered in KvK. Nerdbox is owned by a single person.
  2. Security Policy - We try to secure as much as we can we do not claim to be hack proof in anyway. We believe that every piece of software may contain leaks. We try to patch these things as fast as possible but cannot make any promises.
  3. Privacy Policy - We value privacy very much and its user/friends privacy. We will not provide any parties with information regarding our users or Nerdbox. We will encrypt most of our data to prevent data leaks, so in case of a hack most information will be considered unusable.
  4. User Policy - We at Nerdbox cannot be held responsible for the actions of our users. we maintain the dutch law and the law consist of Freedom of Speech we believe that our friends may use our services as long as they follow the Dutch Law. We do not monitor our services for illegal actions.
  5. I still want to complain! - Good luck. You can contact our ISP regarding the complaint.