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Private Secure Services Provider
Security is our main focus!
We value privacy very much, do you?

Private Secure Hosting Partner

Secure and managed private services.
Join us at Nerdbox services and enjoy our secure services.
Every server is strictly managed and secure.
We only provide our clients with the best custom solution possible.

Performance hosting

Unlike other companies we only use Bare metal servers.
With this we can provide our clients with high performance hosting.
Thus, we are not limited in any way by other parties.

Private Secure Hosting

We only use Bare Metal Servers.
Unlike other providers we are not limited by our ISP in anyway since we only rent Bare Metal and manage everything with in-depth high security!

Custom hosting

We provide custom hosting that fits the need of our friends and partners.
Learn more and see what we can do for you!

Nerdbox Services

While we are not a company and just a private hobby gonna serious (out of hand) we provide a numerous things available for the entire web.

Privacy first!

Read our privacy policy to find out more about how Nerdbox deals with information disclosure regarding our clients.